Monday, December 29, 2008

New Discovery

Yesterday went casting n popping with Rodney. First we went casting for snakehead somewhere in Sungai Kayu. Actually I found this pond through the Google Map. Rodney lost his SP froggy there as the snakehead snatched and hid under the big branches. However we didn't catch anything there. But, we are sure snakeheads are there. Definitely will go back there next time. Then, we went to the pond in Batu Putih. Rodney has been casting there for a few times but for me, it's my 1st visit. We only spent for about half an hour there. Lastly we went casting and popping at a river in Batu Putih also for salt walter fish. Sadly, I lost my red head YOZURI there. After an hour casting n popping there, we went back home empty handed.
Newly found pond
Rodney in action
Salt water river in Batu Putih
All my new lures bought in Kota Kinabalu and used for yesterday outing

Friday, December 19, 2008

My dream. Is't yours?

This grouper weighed 4kg. My father caught it just now. Bait? "MONEY" lah the answer. hahahaha..... Actually my father bought it. However, I really wish I could land 1 of this at the jetty in the future. Do you?

Thursday, December 18, 2008


After having fishing drought for 2 1/2 months, at last my father managed to land a 300g grouper just now. Although it is not big but you can see how happy he really was at that moment. Why not after so long didn't catch anything. Congratulations!!! May this little grouper brings luck for more fish to my father.

Malabar grouper (300g)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Full tide fishing

Went fishing just now from 8.30pm - 12.00am. At 11.30 I landed a 1.4kg red snapper. The water level was almost at its peak, 2.69m high and it almost reached the platform of the jetty. However I lost a battle with a big 1 tonight. I think it's a grouper. When it snapped my bait, I was unable to hold the line. It was pulling heavily that my line kept on running out although I was holding it tightly. When I gained control of my line, it managed to get away. Really heart breaking. May be next time I will have my revenge.

Me and my 1.4kg red snapper

The fresh bait used (ikan lumahan)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

How amazing

Tried my luck around the spot where Chu landed his grouper and sembilang tonight. Really amazing. I also landed a grouper there. But there is a big difference between Chu's and mine. It's only 200g. hahahaha....

The spot where I landed this little cute fella

Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing is impossible

Chu called me last night at 12.30am and informed me that he caught a 1.4kg grouper and 2 sembilang weighed 1.7kg and 1.9kg respectively. Catching is nothing special but the place he caught them was really surprising. However, pity for Chu as he got stung by his 2nd sembilang. It is known as one of the most poisonous spikes of the fish. This morning he went to a clinic for injection and costed him nearly rm90. What an expensive sembilang. Hahahaha...
Chu's cousin, ah chung also landed a 300g grouper and malaijai with a 700g grouper too.
This is the spot where Chu landed his grouper and sembilangs. Isn't it amazing?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Record

Tonight 1 of my fishing geng renew our record by landing a 2.55kg grouper. It was truly a glorious night for Chu's cousin. Chu also landed a few hundreds gram sembilang. Our next target will be a 3kg and above fish. For me, it is a fruitless trip. Ooppss... not really. I did land an eel but released it back to its own nature.

grouper (2.55kg) by Chu's cousin

Very lucky

Arrived my favourite spot (wet market jetty) at 6.45pm. Casted out my line and within 5 min I landed a 1kg grouper. In fact I even haven't have a sit. Hahahahaha.... am I lucky. But that was my only catch of the night. Went back home at 11.00pm. The current was too strong for the whole night and not really encouraging for fishing. By the way, Chu got 3 groupers with the weight of 300g, 350g and 400g and also a 1kg sembilang.

grouper (1kg)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Harvest season

Last night ah wah, chu and malaijai went fishing again at the Sandakan wet market jetty. Ah Wah landed a 850g red snapper and a 200g grouper. Malaijai caught a 800g grouper and Chu with a 1.6kg red snapper. Chu should be 2 but 1 of his grouper accidentally drop back into the water. According to Ah Wah last night there were nibbles the whole night and many fish got hooked but went straight into the rocks and unable to pull them out. Will update their photos later. Stay tune!
red snapper (1.6kg) by Chu

Monday, December 8, 2008

So near and yet so far

Today fished from 3.00am - 8.00am. I used my 10 feet rod to try for bottom fishing with frozen fresh tamban as bait. Around 5.00am, the alarm sounded loudly and immediately I know that a fish got hooked. So, I picked up my rod and striked. Yes!!! there was really a fish. The fish fought really hard. It was really heavy so I pumped hardly and wind back. The fish swam left and right and a few moment later, it swam towards me. So I winded as fast as possible but it was no match to the speed of the fish. Then I felt a strong pull again but not for long after that the line became loose. I lost the war. The fish managed to get away. It was just a few more metres more that I almost succeed to land it. My heart almost dropped out. I have never felt such a strong fight before. But nevermind, sure I will have my revenge some days.
Then, it was my handline got hooked. I think it was a grouper. But after taking up the bait, it went straight under the rock. I tried to pull it out of the rock with my 80lbs Berkley line but it wouldn't came out. Then I tried to loosen the line a little bit but the grouper went even deeper into the rock. So, I just waited for a while hoping for the fish to come out of the rock. After waited for a while, the fish managed to get way again. It was such a bad day for me.

However, Chu got lucky today. He got a 800g grouper. It has been such a long time since he got his last fish. He was so happy and you can see it in his face just like striking a 4D numbers.

800g grouper by Chu

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Red Alert!!!!

Started fishing from 2.00am till 7.00am this morning with ah wah and chu. Chu started fishing from 7.00pm - 7.00 am. Wow!! 12 hours fishing, how incredible. I landed a 1.3kg red snapper. Hopefully I can get a grouper on the next trip. May be groupers better :). However, malaijai (we called him so) landed a 1.65kg orange-spotted grouper.

red snapper (1.3kg)

malaijai with his 1.65kg grouper

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My fishing gears

These are all my fishing gears. Haven't caught any fish with the artifitial lures. I believe sooner or later, I will catch one for sure. Just hope.
Here are my rods and reels
5, 6, 8 & 10 feet rods

Exori reel - spark 450 (just bought it this afternoon)

Daiwa - golden spin 4000 (my 2nd reel)

Seahawk - sp2000 (my 1st reel)

These are my sinking lures. Just bought a YOZURI sinking lure this afternoon.

These are my spools with 90lbs, 80lbs, 60lbs and 40lbs line.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Unbreakable curse

Everytime I go fishing have been targeting for a more than 3kg fish but however tonight just got another 500g red snapper. Wonder where are all the big fish. Am I cursed for setting such a target?
Red snapper (500g)
Hope that I managed to break my own record by landing a fish of more than 2 kg very soon. Or may be a big game fish like barracuda or sail fish. Who knows. Nothing is impossible.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Another 150g grouper just now. Went to Sandakan wet market jetty with my father, ah wah, chu and his brother.
Grouper (150g)
Do you know that grouper can stay alive on land for quite sometime. Even after slaughtering it alive, you still can see it's heart beating. See it for real......

It was so unlucky for my father and ah wah. My father lost a fish while he was pulling in his line. According to my father, it was a red snapper and it was 1kg+++. As for ah wah, his line was broken after 3 or 4 pulls. He was using a 80lbs line. You may imagine how big the fish was. According to him, it was a grouper. Bad days for everyone.

Ah wah trying to release his first catch (eel) back to the sea

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unlucky Baby Grouper

My father and I went fishing this morning from 4.00am till 8.00am. Nothing big. Just this little grouper. Don't you think it's enough for my 4 yrs old son to eat. Hahahahaha.........
Orange-spotted grouper (150g)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Unlucky days

Went fishing last night from 6.00pm to 10.30pm with my father, ah wah and chu. It was a fruitless night for me and my father. Went home empty handed. But for ah wah, he landed a crab and chu got a 1kg sembilang.

Crab by ah wah

Sembilang (1kg) by Chu

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Days....

My father joined me fishing on Sept this year. These were his catches starting with the most expensive HUMPED BACK GROUPER weighed 800g. It's around rm100/kg. So, if you want to eat this fish in the restaurant, you have to pay rm160 in order to have a taste of it. The price will be doubled if serve in a restaurant.

Humped back grouper (800g) - 21/9/2008

Nicely served

Orange-spotted grouper (1.6kg & 400g) - 01/10/2008

Red snapper (1.1kg) & Grouper (400g) - 02/10/2008

My friend, Chu landed many fish but this fish is the biggest he ever landed and also quite frightening one. It is a big eel. Weighed 7 - 8kg according to the people there and it is 6.5 feet long. However, it was given to a chef cook. According to him, it is a really delicious fish. But many find it disgusting. hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big eel - 20/11/2008


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