Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unlucky Baby Grouper

My father and I went fishing this morning from 4.00am till 8.00am. Nothing big. Just this little grouper. Don't you think it's enough for my 4 yrs old son to eat. Hahahahaha.........
Orange-spotted grouper (150g)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Unlucky days

Went fishing last night from 6.00pm to 10.30pm with my father, ah wah and chu. It was a fruitless night for me and my father. Went home empty handed. But for ah wah, he landed a crab and chu got a 1kg sembilang.

Crab by ah wah

Sembilang (1kg) by Chu

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Days....

My father joined me fishing on Sept this year. These were his catches starting with the most expensive HUMPED BACK GROUPER weighed 800g. It's around rm100/kg. So, if you want to eat this fish in the restaurant, you have to pay rm160 in order to have a taste of it. The price will be doubled if serve in a restaurant.

Humped back grouper (800g) - 21/9/2008

Nicely served

Orange-spotted grouper (1.6kg & 400g) - 01/10/2008

Red snapper (1.1kg) & Grouper (400g) - 02/10/2008

My friend, Chu landed many fish but this fish is the biggest he ever landed and also quite frightening one. It is a big eel. Weighed 7 - 8kg according to the people there and it is 6.5 feet long. However, it was given to a chef cook. According to him, it is a really delicious fish. But many find it disgusting. hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big eel - 20/11/2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My catches.....

Actually I really started offshore fishing since June this year. Before that just went for fresh water fishing. Since then, I have never go for fresh water fishing. Now, I'm looking forward for deep sea fishing. Hope these days will come very soon. These were my catches since June.

Otiks - 13/07/2008

Orange-spotted grouper (1kg) - 23/07/08

Orange-spotted grouper (500g) - 05/08/08

grouper (300g) - 05/08/2008

Giant Trevelly (800g) - 26/09/2008

Red Snapper (1.9kg) - 05/10/2008

Gelamas - 08/10/2008

Babies grouper - 15/10/2008

Red snapper (400g) - 16/10/2008

Grouper (2kg & 300g) & Belais - 27/10/2008

GT (600g) - 15/11/2008

Tiger Grouper (300g) - 17/11/2008

Babies grouper & red snapper - 18/11/2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Early morning catch

Went to Sandakan wet market to fish yesterday at around 1.30am - 6.00am. Together with me was Chu and his 2 cousins. They started their hunting since 7.30pm. It was quite boring at the beginning coz the current was too strong and cant feel any nibble. At around 3.30am, chu's cousin out of a sudden started to pull in his handline. Within seconds, he pulled up a 1.3kg sweetlips or ikan kaci. It was a branded fish here and it's priced at rm60/kg. My confidence came. At 4.30am, suddenly I felt a strong on my line. YES! I managed to land a red snapper or ikan merah. It was 1.5kg. That's our catches of the day using tamban as baits.

1.5kg red snapper

1.3kg sweetlips


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