Sunday, October 17, 2010


Last night went fishing again after having a rest for almost a month. Not very nice tide but luckily still able to land a 1.7kg grouper. Considered very lucky as the tide was not really moving at all.

Me & my catch

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Early Morning Fishing

Today I went fishing as early as 2.30 am. I went 3 different spots to fish. First I went to the market jetty. After half an hour fishing there, it started to rain.
At 3.30 am I switched my spot to the SCOW jetty as the rain still haven't stop. There I got a few pulls but only able to land 2 small groupers weighting 250g each. I got really unfortunate there as my line was broken due to the heavy pull of a fish although I am using Berkley 80 lbs line.
At 6.00 am I switched my spot to the area behind Community Hall. I got lucky there as I was successfully landed a 1.1kg red snapper after I casted my line in 2 or 3 minutes. That's my catches today after 4 hours of fishing.

1.1kg red snappers & 250g groupers each.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

After Rain

Went fishing last night. Started around 7 pm. Around 7.30 pm a heavy pull of my line but when i tighten my line, it suddenly went silent. Luck was not on my side, my line broken because of the corals and rocks under the water.
Around 10.30 pm it started to rain heavily. We have to wait until the rain stops at 11.00pm. All of us started to cast our line. My father just have to wait around 10 minutes then his line started to pull and after a few fight, a 2.4kg grouper was successfully landed. Luckily the line did not broke although the line got major injuries due to scratches by rocks and coral. What a nice sample.

My father presenting his 2.4kg orange spotted grouper

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Groupers again!

Last night went fishing again and landed 2 groupers with 1.3kg n 700g in weight. These are the pics of my catches.

Monday, August 16, 2010


On the 31/7/2010 night, I went fishing with my dad at the Sandakan Jetty and manage to land a 500g grouper.
550g grouper

Then, a week later on the 14/8/2010 I went again to the same place at 3.30 am and needed to wait until 6.00 am to land a 1.1kg red snapper.

1.1kg red snapper

And last night my father and I went again to the Sandakan jetty. The weather and the tide was very nice. We arrive there at 7.00 pm. Ah Wah, our friend was already there when we arrived there.
It was quite lucky as I managed to land a 1.7kg after only 30 minutes I started fishing.
Not long after that was my dad's turn to land a 1.6kg red snapper and following by a 1.1kg grouper. Ah Wah was the last to land a 600g red snapper before we went home.
It was quite a joyous night for everyone of us.
Me with 1.7kg grouper
My dad with his 1.6kg red snapper & 1.1kg grouper

Our catches of the night

Friday, April 30, 2010

29/4/10 UPDATE!!!

Went fishing last night with my father and Ah Wah. My father was the 1st one to land a 1kg sembilang not long after we arrive Scow. Nearly 1am then it was Ah Wah's turn to land a small 400g red snapper. He gave it to me. Thanx. A few minutes later there comes my turn to land a 800g grouper. Ah Wah was the last guy to roundup our trip with a 2kg++ grouper. It was a wonderful night for all of us indeed as no one was going home empty handed.

My father's catch - 1kg catfish (sembilang)
Ah wah's catch- 400g red snapper
My catch- 800g orange spotted grouper
Ah Wah's last catch- 2kg++ malabar grouper
The 3 fish in my fridge now

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Groupers again!

Last night went went to Scow again. Together with me were my father, ah wah, watermelon man, chu and his cousin. Chu's cousin was the first to land a 1kg+ grouper. An hour later, there comes my father in action to land his 2.9kg grouper. Not long after that, there comes my luck with my 1.7kg grouper. My father and I went home at 12.00 am while the others were still hunting there.
My father with his 2.9kg grouper
Me with my 1.7kg grouper
Different species of groupers. Orange spotted grouper and malabar grouper


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