Friday, April 30, 2010

29/4/10 UPDATE!!!

Went fishing last night with my father and Ah Wah. My father was the 1st one to land a 1kg sembilang not long after we arrive Scow. Nearly 1am then it was Ah Wah's turn to land a small 400g red snapper. He gave it to me. Thanx. A few minutes later there comes my turn to land a 800g grouper. Ah Wah was the last guy to roundup our trip with a 2kg++ grouper. It was a wonderful night for all of us indeed as no one was going home empty handed.

My father's catch - 1kg catfish (sembilang)
Ah wah's catch- 400g red snapper
My catch- 800g orange spotted grouper
Ah Wah's last catch- 2kg++ malabar grouper
The 3 fish in my fridge now

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Fish Whisperer said...

Nice catch. Looks tasty.


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