Friday, April 30, 2010

29/4/10 UPDATE!!!

Went fishing last night with my father and Ah Wah. My father was the 1st one to land a 1kg sembilang not long after we arrive Scow. Nearly 1am then it was Ah Wah's turn to land a small 400g red snapper. He gave it to me. Thanx. A few minutes later there comes my turn to land a 800g grouper. Ah Wah was the last guy to roundup our trip with a 2kg++ grouper. It was a wonderful night for all of us indeed as no one was going home empty handed.

My father's catch - 1kg catfish (sembilang)
Ah wah's catch- 400g red snapper
My catch- 800g orange spotted grouper
Ah Wah's last catch- 2kg++ malabar grouper
The 3 fish in my fridge now

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Groupers again!

Last night went went to Scow again. Together with me were my father, ah wah, watermelon man, chu and his cousin. Chu's cousin was the first to land a 1kg+ grouper. An hour later, there comes my father in action to land his 2.9kg grouper. Not long after that, there comes my luck with my 1.7kg grouper. My father and I went home at 12.00 am while the others were still hunting there.
My father with his 2.9kg grouper
Me with my 1.7kg grouper
Different species of groupers. Orange spotted grouper and malabar grouper

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fishing again!!

After having more than 2 months rest from fishing, I started again on last Thursday and saturday. Luck was on my side as both trip was fruitful. Not big but enough for a meal. My friends did land range from 1.5kgs - 4.5kgs groupers on both night but sorry, forgot to take their pictures. These are my catches.
750g Grouper (15/4/10)
Ikan Sembilang (17/4/10)
1kg Grouper (17/4/10)


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