Sunday, August 29, 2010

Groupers again!

Last night went fishing again and landed 2 groupers with 1.3kg n 700g in weight. These are the pics of my catches.

Monday, August 16, 2010


On the 31/7/2010 night, I went fishing with my dad at the Sandakan Jetty and manage to land a 500g grouper.
550g grouper

Then, a week later on the 14/8/2010 I went again to the same place at 3.30 am and needed to wait until 6.00 am to land a 1.1kg red snapper.

1.1kg red snapper

And last night my father and I went again to the Sandakan jetty. The weather and the tide was very nice. We arrive there at 7.00 pm. Ah Wah, our friend was already there when we arrived there.
It was quite lucky as I managed to land a 1.7kg after only 30 minutes I started fishing.
Not long after that was my dad's turn to land a 1.6kg red snapper and following by a 1.1kg grouper. Ah Wah was the last to land a 600g red snapper before we went home.
It was quite a joyous night for everyone of us.
Me with 1.7kg grouper
My dad with his 1.6kg red snapper & 1.1kg grouper

Our catches of the night


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